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Quote originally posted by Gamader:
where can i find a leafstone?

Look one post above yours xD

Quote originally posted by south69_dallas:
how bout option 1 and then 2-3 weeks later option 2 or if we opt for option 2 how much longer is the estimate than option 1....?

Well i'm not sure because....

UPDATE: This is the time when I play through the beta and discover tons of stuff to do. My list of things just tripled in an hour or less. I'm currently working on fixing the causes for all the bad eggs in the game because they appear to be the cause of some known problems like the red gyrados and the rival blackout in ecruteak. Also they can replace pokemon in those boxes for example a lvl 100 rayquazza or something important so they need to be eliminated ;)

Thats just one of 50 small-huge things to do from the list lol.

As for the gap theres no point if its 2-3 weeks and it won't be that anyway. It would be maybe a month or 2. We'll see..

EDIT: regarding the trainer requests they wont all be in this beta due to there not being enough trainer slots without having to do a save file hack to add more trainer slots. Also the positions people requested most was victory road.. well I'm gonna place those trainers in other areas to keep it more balanced as having 100 trainers in victory road is not a good idea xD

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