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"Ryanatta? Oh, no, Ryunatta? Okay, I got it. And I can't believe you remember me in the human district," Kerin laughed at Fang. He had next to no memory of Fang, only his face was vaguely familiar. Vaguely. Maybe if he stared at it hard enough, he could remember something. But that would be considered a little creepy. "You went to my school, right? Fang is just a nickname, isn't it? Because Fang doesn't sound as Japanese as Yumigami."

Kerin gave Marisa a bright grin as she happily frolicked her room, inspecting as much of her room as she possibly could, darting from one thing to the next. Kerin made his way out to the balcony, watching the storm. Oh look, some stairs. He poked his head out in the rain briefly to check where they led. The roof it seemed. That was pretty cool. Kerin was almost thrown to the ground as Marisa jumped on him.

"We still have a long, long time before Bern comes over, so lets get something to eat and watch the seventh Population Games!" She said, a bright, adorable smile on her face which Kerin could not help but smile back too.

"Alrighty, but we don't need you getting nightmares..." Fang gave Marisa's hair a ruffle.

"Where do we get food? The fridge?" Kerin towards his stomach. The last thing he ate was that blood capsule. Vampires needed to eat too, y'know. None of that "food turns to dust in the throat" rubbish.
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