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Kerin felt himself being dragged again by Marisa, this time again to the elevator. It took the three down to the Dining Room after a few seconds of travel, and it was as big and wonderful as Marisa's floor. It didn't take long for Marisa to toddle up to one of the people standing aimlessly around the floor and happily order something to eat. The person disappeared then reappeared with two others, the lady Marisa talking to giving her her own plate and the others passing a plate to Kerin and Fang. Indeed, as fancy as the room, all garnished, served with style and grace. It looked... fantastic.

"Oh," Kerin stopped the male waitor as he began to walk away. "Can I please have another plate of this and uh... something to munch on. Like snacks or something." The waitor nodded, disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared again with another plate and a bag of assorted party food. Kerin took a peek inside; chocolates, lollies, crisps, popcorn. Just bits and pieces. It was plenty. Kerin thanked the man as he returned into the kitchen. "For Shiro." He added to his companions as he gestured to his second plate.

"Au au! Let's go!" Marisa called Fang and Kerin, and followed behind as she trotted up the stairs. Upstairs was just as magnificent as downstairs. Though this one, was not full of food or fancy dining tables. It was video games, pool tables, giant TVs, stereos, arcade systems; pretty much anything fun. Kerin blinked at it all. Who possibly had the money for this all? Oh wait, the gods. Kerin walked over to one and simply picked it up. It wasn't heavy at all, though Kerin wasn't sure if that was a mix between they were light TVs or he was just so strong. It was a little awkward, two dinner plates in one hand, a bag on the arm, a TV in the other hand, though he would manage. He had relatively good balance and the elevators were quite steady. He gave Fang and Marisa a funny smile.

"So, do we go back?"
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