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"I didn't really have anyone.... My dad was...Um... A bully. And mama was scared... Dad kidnapped her and they died," Marisa said softly. Kerin tucked his arm around her. How awful, for one so young to have their whole family stolen away from you. Though surely Marisa wasn't that blind.

"I'm sorry," Kerin gave her a small hug. "I didn't used have anyone either, but I always... I always thought about them. But now, it's only been a little while, but I have someone now." Kerin smiled at her. "And so do you! Me and Fang, right? We're your friends?" Kerin let out a small laugh. How embarrassing would it be if she said no? Oh boy. Kerin moved his eyes back to the television to watch the rest of the interviews, watching as one by one, a teenager came up, answered some questions, then left. This went on for a little, each teen telling their story (they all seemed quite similar to Kerin) until Marisa pulled her face into Kerin's chest. Confused, his eyes switched between the TV and her. There was an older girl being interviewed at the moment. Did Marisa know her? She was from the human district and her name was... wow, Kerin had no idea how to pronouce that. The last name seemed easy enough, Yu-mi-ga... oh. Oh. That was... Fang's last name. Oh.

As he watched the games commence, his stomach took a turn. This was... this was disgusting. Probably the most disgusting thing Kerin had ever seen in his life. Acid rain? And the blood, there was lots of it. How could he have ever watched this before without being completely... without completely hating it. This was such a stupid and crazy idea. Bernkastel though, seemed to just cruise through the whole thing. Was this exactly the same as what would happen this year? Would five of them die within the first day or so? He gritted his teeth and put his plate down as he lost his appetite. He hoped that Bernkastel had something good planned. What was the deal with Bernkastel anyway?

"So when are we having this party?" He cleared his throat out. It was a pretty poor attempt to lighten the mood, but it would have to do. He couldn't pull his eyes away from the slaughter on the television. It was like watching contortionists. They were disgusting, but it was just hard to pull your eyes away; you just had to see what they did next and how they ended their routine. Their big finale.
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