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Xavier moves his eyes over to Bernkastel's form, and from what he could see from the awkward position, was that her eyes were shut...Why would she do that? Was she in deep thought? If so, what was she thinking about? Him? The Games? Why? And why am I asking all these questions? "........" He hears a soft 'ding' enter his ears. Xavier sighs lightly, moving himself through the elevator at a slow pace. Oh how he didn't want to be here....

Slowly, quietly, and peacefully, Xavier walked through the elevator. "...." They were in a dining room of some sort, and dark colors flowed throughout the room. His favorite of the colors were those on the rose petals scattered across the table. Red. Although, the room was It made Xavier oddly uncomfortable, being in such a monstrous sized room. He had lived his whole life in the same, miniature, riggity on the outside excuse for a house his entire life. Most would call his 'house' a shack if they didn't see the inside. Gosh...Just this room made him feel uncomfortable...How was he going to sleep?! "........" Xavier watches as the servant blatanly ignores him, and immediately goes into the kitchen after talking with Bernkastel. Hmph.

"Please, sit and eat... I would like to know your strengths so I can be a better ally to you. The same goes for you. Since there is nobody to hear, feel free to ask anything."

Xavier moves from his awkward standing, and moves to the seat opposite of Bernkastel. He sits down, leaning back into the chair, his eyes resting on the table. Almost immediately, the servant comes back out, two platters in each of his hands, and placing them out before Bern & Xavier. "....?" Xavier blinks when he sees his meal. They just...gave him a whole chicken. It even has sides with it too. "....." He doesn't say a word about it, but takes small bite out of his platter. Xavier never was able to eat such large meals all the time. He'd prefer to eat a necessary amount, then save the rest to eat for a later date. You have to be smart with your food when you don't buy it.

"I suppose you have come to the conclusion that Ryuu is stupid as well...?" He nods silently, keeping his half unconcealed eyes locked on his food, taking a small sip of the water presented to him. Well, it wasn't very hard to think that everyone has come to the conclusion that Ryuu is stupid. Everyone. "...." Out of the top of his eye, he can see Bern prick her thumb, make a symbol, then smoke. "..............?" His eyes trail up from his food, to the red haired woman from before. Mammon. "It's hilarious, really~ I didn't even feel a thing!" Xavier looks all the way up, not hearing Bernkastel's words to the woman. Xavier speaks softly. ".....I knew you weren't dead...." There's not even a hint of surprise on his face from seeing Mammon. He wasn't lying.
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