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Name: Daniel Charlie Lenty.

Age: Fifteen.

Team: Walrein, Blastoise, Swampert, Pidgeot.

Gender: Male.

Legendary: Mespirit.

Appearance: Daniel is a tall, slender male. He is 6'1" and weighs under 8 stone. He has average length black hair gelled into a casual mess, he has bllue eyes that resemble sapphires. He has really pale skin due to his dislike of heat. He wears a think black t-shirt with long sleeves rolled up to his elbow and either a pair of jeans or grey tracksuit bottoms. He wears a pair of black converse high tops on his feet. In cold conditions he also wears a blue addidas original hoodie, a black snood and a blue hat.

Personality: Daniel is a usually quiet young boy who doesn't like to stand out from a crowd, however in times of need he shows his true self, he shows great leadership. After getting to know someone Daniel enjoys meeting new people and likes to have easy going conversations, he only has a few close friends and loves them to death. If he goes through hard times with anyone he sees them as his family. Daniel loves his pokemon like they were his family and together they take on all comers in battle.

[That probably sucked, first su I've done since January]

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