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Originally Posted by barondante View Post
And there is the issue. You see, one part (An important part), is that many will be wanting to do this with Ash's pokemon.

At this point, the team would be (In your level range):

Out of all these, Pikachu is the fastest. It won't outspeed Kadabra before level 40 or so, which is a tad too much. All of them will just die in a single hit. Nothing else in the game is even nearly as hard, and requires no level grinding. :/

If I made my own team, I would easily be cheesing through the battle at ridiculously low levels.
I grinded Pikachu to Lv 34/35 (and the rest of my team to lv 26 or so) and I beat her easily. And I use Ash's team.
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