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Hey guys! I found a new shiny! o3o

I was playing through Rumble again, and when I play through Rumble I go through every stage 5 times (just because.) Well, I was going through Normal Rank C Windie Prarie, I found my 11th Rumble shiny on the 26th total playthough!

It's kind of funny, because if you look at my post where I put all my Rumble shinies, you see I had a Rattata and I said it didn't count. That one was from the promotional code. :P

Yay! Shiny! o3o

Rattata next to another Rattata when I first found it.
Dead rat is dead.
It's going to heaven!
Rat versus two two-headed birds. Who shall win?
It thanks it's all that.
After it died I stuffed it and put it in my trophy case.



So, right now I am typing this in MS Word because I don't want to double post and I am waiting for someone to post (it's 11:54 PM right now EST) and I just found another shiny!

This shiny (also in Rumble) was on my 30th total playthrough, I was going through Bright Beach and in the boss battle a Shiny Squirtle appeared! 1/5 chance of it being the boss, but hey, Squirtle is nice too! :D

I took a video because it was in the boss battle. I had to move my night stand across the room, put my printer on top of it, then put my camera on top of 3 DS game cases (still on top of the printer) just to film it. So you better watch! >:o

Here's the video, bra.

Come at me, bra!
You came at me, bra.
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