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I am going to say something that is going to sound completely irrelevant at first. But it's not. Just bear with me.

Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox was ported to the PC by a company named Gearbox. After Halo PC's release, Gearbox released Halo Custom Edition, an expansion that allowed people to create their own maps. It came with a rudimentary map editor, which was quickly hacked, forked, and extended.

Halo maps could contain scripts, NPCs, and the like -- much like FireRed maps. However, none of these things were designed to appear in multiplayer. If you tried to play a map that used them in multiplayer, they'd desync -- horribly. You'd see players drop dead for seemingly no reason, because they were killed by an Infection Form or something on the host box (but on your computer, the NPC was on the other half of the map).

HCE mappers quickly learned something: if it wasn't meant to be used in multiplayer, it probably won't sync in multiplayer. Avoid it.

The same is true here. If it wasn't meant to sync in FR/LG's multiplayer, then it probably won't. Especially if it's random. That immediately rules out wild battles, some OW movements, egg hatching... And by virtue of the latter two, it basically rules out all OW movement (probably desyncs if an egg-hatch stops one player) and collision-checking with OWs (randomly-moving OWs desync across the games, so they could block a player in one emu but not in another).

Now, granted, someone could probably alter the game engine to make everything sync. But it'd be a huge edit. It'd be a complicated edit. Something only one of the master hackers here could do -- and perhaps even difficult for them. Depending on how the current syncing works, they may have to literally rewrite the game engine.
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