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That was a nice distraction.
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"The train ride Xavior. I have nothing against your peaceful stance, but I'd like it if you stayed alive in the games." These words from Bernkastel's lips. Raike felt that he wasn't going to get anything out of listening anymore, but just as he turned to go, he heard something that caused him to curse slightly under his breath.-

"Can't have you tired for training...right Mammon?" But there was no answer. As he turned his neck slightly, he saw the beginning of the Demon's vapor form, and it seemed to be heading for him. Raike cursed again, as there was nothing he could do at that point. If he tried to run, his boots would make too much noise so Bern and Xavior would hear. If he didn't move, Mammon would catch him spying.

He sighed, and decided to take up a relaxed position on the stairs, crossing his arms behind his head and closing his eyes, waiting for the demon to materialize.-
Everyone has their own little internal world - a secret garden only they can enter. Each world follows its own internal logic - individuality. And the logic of one world means nothing in another. Understanding other people isn't hard.....It's Impossible. -Yoshiya Kiryu
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