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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post

Why is Scald inferior? Jellicent isn't meant to hit anything hard. Coverage is necessary on sweepers, not walls (which Jellicent is). You don't need to aim to hit things hard when you can use a utility move like Scald and occasionally catch things with burn.
Originally Posted by dreyko View Post
well will-o-wisp definitely burns the foe if it hits considering it has 70% accuracy ( i think). but i feel it would be worth your while to also put scald on jellicent because it gets STAB and a boost in the rain. it just happens to have a 30% burn chance and 100% accuracy. you could choose hydro pump over scald, it just doesn't have 100% accuracy and misses can get annoying.

hope this helps =)
Well, I guess my main beef was that they both sort of do the same thing. And I was trying to get Jelly to hit hard, but yeah, it's a wall, it isn't necessary.

Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
I don't know if that has been mentioned, too lazy to read the other posts. ):

Why is Armaldo on a rain dance team? It's water weakness is left wide open. If you're at least not using Politoed to set-up rain at least use Tornadus who is guaranteed to go first with Rain Dance. \: Focus Sash > Focus Band on Accelgor. Putting 255 Ev's onto Pokemon is pointless because only 252 of those ev's count.

I'll post more rating stuff when I've finished what I need to do.
If you mean Drizzle, Drizzle+Rain Dance is banned. Tornadus sounds great though.

I'm curious: why do only 252 EVs "count"? (I don't know all about pokemon stats and whatnot yet.)