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Kerin tried to help Fang with Shiro as Marisa crawled over to the sink, but she was too squirmy for him. If he tried to force her into place, he'd probably break her arm or something. Marisa returned with a few syringes, holding them up and ready to pierce her arm.

"You know how to use those?" Kerin blinked at her. As she went for Shiro's arm, Kerin grabbed it to hold it steady. Once, twice, three times Marisa injected Shiro with three different syringes. The psychopathic vampire shut up almost instantly and went back to her dozy state. He had no idea what Shiro was screaming about, but she had stopped and that was the main thing.

"How long were you two watching?"

"She tried hurting herself, mew."

Fang nodded back in reply, but stopped suddenly when Shiro... hugged him? Grabbed him? Did something, though it didn't seem hostile. Kerin blinked at the two of them. Wow, Shiro was definitely drugged. Kerin took a glance at the time on a clock. It was heading to half past. Bernkastel was meant to be coming at ten, so they probably had to do something. Or Marisa had to do something and Kerin would just help since he didn't have a creative bone in his body. Except music, but that didn't really count. That was something Kerin would like to do one last time before the games, hopefully. Music.

"Should we bring her up to Marisa's room for the rest of the night since... aren't we all going to be up there? For the party or whatever?" Kerin looked over at Marisa then Fang. Shiro should not be left alone, not after what just happened. Okay, so sure, she was a psychopathic maniac that had threatened to kill Marisa before, but something had happened to her. The Shiro that had screamed at Kerin when they had first talked in the government building would not have tried to end her life like that. Heck, weren't they trying to survive?

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