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Chapter 3- Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

"Xavier...?" His arms mimic mine, and wrap around me slowly. It was out of character for him to show emotion, so why now? Had my own, one-sided friendly behavior contribute to this? I'm beginning to ask if something is wrong, when it happens. He pulls me in a little closer, and connects our lips. Though it was a brief experienced, I am floored by this action. What drove him to commit this act? Did he think that perhaps, I had shown kindness to only him? People described me as emotionless, strong, brave... But that isn't how I see it. It's so much more detailed than that. I don't want to get close to anyone, because I am scared. Scared that I will kill my best friend for my own selfish desire. The desire to keep a single being, was what drove my instinct to kill. I would commit all sins imaginable, if it meant he could continue living. I would and did, quite literally, die for him.

He pulled away almost immediately, and even with my lips willingness to speak, I couldn't. All I had were questions. Why did you kiss me? What did the kiss mean? How could you do that to me? You made my third participation in these games, all the more painful. Because, in my mind, it feels as though your intake on me is more than just allies.

My arms fall to my sides, as I think this through. Surely, he would need to have liked me, to kiss me. My gut was telling me this was wrong. That this was what I wanted to avoid. I didn't need anyone falling for me this late in my plans. And, that included Xavier. Because I was dead, did not mean I was heartless, either. I went against my gut just becoming his ally. I was following what I thought was right. What was right.

With my hand, I turn his face to look at me. The blush on his cheeks are unmistakable. His hair, now dry, hides the chocolate orbs which surely hold his embarrassment. My thumb brushes against the lips that took my breath away.

"Xavier... There isn't a need to apologize. Not ever. Especially when it made me realize that even if my life was taken away, I am blessed with people like you. So instead of apologizing to me, apologize to the food for making it run cold." I smile lightly, and pluck my lips against his cheek. "...Though the food might be a little less forgiving."

Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

"Mew! Let's take her upstairs! Yuppies!" I cried out happily, flailing my arms. When Shiro was like this, everything was fine! Besides, if she needed another shot, there were morphine needles all over the place. You know? For pain? I went over to Shiro and smiled brightly. "She gets an invitation. Uu!" Shiro whimpered at Marisa, and hid further behind Fang. Fang looked rather awkward with her on his back. One minute, she was threatening to kill him, next minute, hugging his back like a koala. I giggled and took the older girl's hand. "Let's go~!" And I began dragging her to the elevator. There was no resistance from her, as she stumbled to keep up. When we all packed into the elevator, I made it my duty to press my floor button dramatically.

When we came to my room, I immediately rushed to the balcony. Yes! It wasn't raining anymore! The wind was practically non-existant, too! "Outside! Party outside!" I chirped, sliding the door away. Since it was still wet, I took caution at climbing the steps. However, once I was on the roof, I giggled and began running around to check the place. It was mostly empty space, but off on the corner opposite from the training center, was a greenhouse! I decided to check that out later. The roof was pretty much a pool with how much water was covering it. Hmmm... Lightbulb! I rushed past everyone and went back inside. When I returned, I had a huge armful of towels that I couldn't see over. "Dry!" I cried, plopping the pile on the roof. I stared with sparkling eyes, waiting for the towels to soak up all the water. Seconds later, I frowned and nudged the mound. "Towel family won't help!" I cried, looking as though I was going to cry. Weren't towels like, super-absorb-monsters? Sam never failed me before! This was a total 'OTL' moment for me.
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