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Welcome to a shop where you get to be the mules which feed me motivation to keep on making graphics and whatnot. Note the title of this thread though, "The Cliffside Hut", last time I had a shop, I ended up hating my pieces because I was trying to force myself to do well with a lot of stocks that really do not suit my styles at all, or were lacking in the quality field. That's why the hut is on the cliff, I am going to be, some would say too harsh when accepting requests, or, I am going to be twisting and morphing your requests to fit my style. Just a heads up, I have full intention of experimenting with my graphics from now, so if you don't like what I make you, please tell me, and please don't be turned off from requesting. Tell me what you don't like and I will redo it for you in a different style.

I will be doing both icons and tags because I want to expand in all areas, but note that there are different forms required for each.

Terms and Conditions

★ Obey the following rules or your request will be rejected straight off the bat.
★ Please post high quality stocks only. This is the particular area I will be harshest in.
★ I tend to work better with real life stocks, so while you can give me anime/cartoon images to work with, you will likely get a better result if you do not.
★ Use the appropriate form found below for either tags or icons. I will reject your request if you don't follow the form.
★ If I make you a piece, please do use it... And only at PokeCommunity please. If you want to use it elsewhere, just double check with me first.
★ Don't be afraid to tell me you don't like what I've made you. I realize I make stuff that isn't always typical PC expected stuff, so if you aren't happy with a request, I'll try and make you happy, but I can't know if you don't tell me.
★ There isn't going to be a number of slots, but if it gets a little bogged down with requests, please be patient and don't keep asking when I'm going to be done. I should post and let you know if I'm running behind, but don't start harping on because you didn't get it straight away.
★ You must provide credit with any tag or icon used, and please only use what you request, don't use art made for other people.



Text (if any):

Text (if any):
How Many:
(You can request up to four icons at a time, just provide multiple links in the stock section.)

Also just note, you can leave things like sizing up to me which I can probably use to suit the stock better.


Because of my obvious weakness at performing at my usual level on requests, I am letting you have the option of a lucky dip. If you want a tag but don't have a particular stock in mind, just put a post saying "LUCKY DIP" and if you so please, include some words for me to use as stimulus if you have any particulars you would like, (like you want a girl focal, or the colour blue) otherwise you can leave it all to me and I'll just make something and you can have it. The more freedom I have, generally the better I do!

Also, if you choose this option, please don't bypass the 25 character limit / 4 words. Give me some stimulus, or leave a comment on the examples or anything else related. Yeah, don't just post "LUCKY DIP" and leave it at that.