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Hey guys sorry about the wait I've just been busy this weekend and yesterday I was doing a bunch of recording for my other LPs, but I'm back now.

Part 10

Cool my na-

You just cut me off

Yeah I guess so

Um... Ok

Sure...What just happened?

Hey this is just a stick with a string attached to it.

And now I'm sure he is crazy. Might as well go test it out.

Well this is boring... Hey I got something!


After one Gyarados esc rampage I decided to talk to some of the townsfolk.

Cool Story Bro

What is Tamping?

Seriously where did this fog come from?

When ever I'm in a cave I always feel like saying spelunking

This cave apparently has bats

Wait aren't bats supposed to be relatively blind so they use echolocation.

I believe that this some sort of Twilight joke or something

And of course I don't have it with me.

One trip back through the cave later

I never loved you as a child

Oh Dear God What the Hell is that!?!

And suddenly I want Hoopster back


It scares me.

After storing that thing in the box where I will hopefully never have to see it again I go and battle some trainers.

Sorry missed the screen of the first guy I battled challenging me.

I prefer WIN

Isn't that a song?

Ah yeah Conga's bustin some heads

I raised mine with Awesomeness!

Turtle beats crab every time

Does... Does it have rabies?

Thank you Conga

Your gonna be ripped to shreds like wrapping paper on Christmas

Conga's on a roll today.

... Ok

Well that sucks

Ok HOFF just don't get eaten

Oh Dear God it is cute

But it didn't hassle The HOFF!

Yeah and I'm the best there is.

He went down faster than a sack of rocks thrown in to the river.

Because it looks like you just did


Sadly this was the only new Mariomon on the route

For some reason I want a Slip-N-Slide now

Viva La Revolution! He's French

Kinda you all look alike

Yay I like rewards

I have a feeling that I already know what it does

:cer_nod: Yay free stuff

God Dammit only two short

Yeah yeah I'll be back

So anyone new you guys want me to train?

If so who should I take out?