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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
Stock: here
Size: Your choice
Text (if any): n/a
Other: Make it pretty :D?
Man getting back into doing requests was harder than expected... :P
If you think the colours look funky, let me know and I can have another fiddle. I did like 30 layers of colour adjustments alone 'cause it just wouldn't look like I was imagining... I decided to settle on that, but if you think they look funky, I am more than happy to go back and do some tweaks and try get it looking a bit nicer. But yes, here we go!

Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Not requesting right now, but I just want to drop by and say that your examples are awesome to say the least. I'll drop by another day to request ;)
Well thank you kind sir! :D

Also, because of my obvious weakness at performing at my usual level on requests, I am opening a super special request form. If you want a tag but don't have a particular stock in mind, you can just ask for a tag without posting a specific link to a stock, and if you want, you can give some specifics (like you want a girl focal, or the colour blue or nothing at all) and I can whip you up something that will likely be a better standard just because the more freedom I have, the better I do.

So yeah, if you want one of those super special, lucky dip pieces, just put a post saying "LUCKY DIP" and if you so please, include some words for me to use as stimulus if you have any particulars you would like, otherwise you can leave it all to me and I'll just make something and you can have it. :D