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Hello I am going to create Pokemon Aquamarine, but first I need a team.

So far the team is only Crazy Bombs777 and myself.

I am using RMXP and Poccil's Pokemon Essentials, so team members will need to be able to use this. I am using a Generation III style tileset so I don't need a tileset artist.

Team members needed.

In-Battle Trainer Spriter
Overworld Spriter
Scripter - Poccil's Pokemon Essentials
Battle Backs Artist

Sprites Needed
-=7 Gym Leaders=-
-Ice Type- an old man (about 60)with a long grey beard wearing a thick white winter coat and a white top hat.
-Fighting Type- A girl (about 19) with a pink ponytail wearing a Kung-Fu outfit.
-Water Type-A girl (about 17) with long black hair wearing a Pokéball pattern bikini
-Flying Type-A man (about 22) with short navy blue hair wearing a blue button-down shirt with dark blue jeans
-Ground/Rock Type- A fat man (about 30) wearing an orange hard hat and gray pants without a shirt carrying a pickaxe.
-Dark Type- A boy (about 17) with long black hair wearing a purple t-shirt and black jeans.
-Elecric Type- A man (about 30) wearing a yellow hard hat and a yellow jumpsuit
-=The Elite Four=-
-Fire Type- A lady (about 24) with short red hair wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a fire symbol on it
-Grass Type- A boy (about 16) with buzzed purple hair wearing a green Japanese robe
-Poison Type- An old man (about 60) bald with a long white beard wearing a white button-down shirt with purple jeans
-Psychic Type- A boy (about 18) with short blood red hair wearing a top hat, a blood red cape, and a tux
-=Rival=- A male team aqua member wearing a black jacket with a team aqua logo on the front over a white t-shirt and blue jeans

You wake up on your 16th birthday. Your house is empty because your father was away on a buisness trip. (He is a member of team aqua) You walk out of your room and realize that he left you a pokéball on the table before he left that morning. Inside of the pokéball is a Pikachu.

You go to your neighbor's house, the only other house in town, and the parents have presents for you. However, their kid's present for you is a pokédex he took out of your mailbox. He explains that it said it was from Professor Oak.
The kid's father gives you a ride to Splitweave City. At the port you see Professor Oak who explains that he didn't send you the pokédex. He says that It must have been his grandson, who is a professor in the next town. He tells you that you should go meet him.
When you go to the next town, you meet Professor Gary Oak in his lab. He explains that he sent you the pokédex and that he wants you to complete it. He also says that he wants to help you though and offers you one of the three Hoenn starters. He tells you that you should go train your pokémon in the gym in the town.
You go into the Gym... And there is a Team Aqua member inside of it....

Most generation I-IV pokémon are obtainable. Possibly some generation V
A new region
Several cities from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn
Team Aqua
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