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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Limiting Bytes:

* Layer 2 Flag Reader: 0xC3882 - 0x47 (C5 - 7E: Total Names - First Non City)
*^&! Name Reader 1: 0xC4D8A - 0x6C (C4 - 58: Total Names - No of Hoenn Names)
Not 100% Sure: 0xC35E6 - 0x6D (C5 - 58)
^ Catch Location Check: 0x13B844 - 0x6C (C4 - 58)
* Sevii Islands Check 1: 0xC0080 - 0xC5
* Sevii Islands Check 2: 0xC00CC - 0xC5
* Name on WM 1: 0xC0BE6 - 0xC5
* Name on WM 2: 0xC067A - 0xC5
* Layer 1 Flag Reader: 0xC482C - 0xC5
* Black/Grey Bar: 0xC0B32 - 0xC5

Map Data Readings:
0xC3538 - 0xC5
0xC3570 - 0xC5
0xC3598 - 0xC5
0xC35CC - 0xC5
0xC41D0 - 0xC5
You missed at least one check in there that was found in the above post: *0x080C0BE6 R0, 0xC5
Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
World Map Flag Data:
The first table for the WM flag data is at 0x080C3654. This is just for layer 1. The limiting word (yes, word) is 0xFFFF0000. DO NOT CHANGE THIS. All you need to do to extend this table (and the following table) is simply insert a new flag slot over the top of the end of the table, and then put the limiting word at the end of the table. You obviously need to repoint the table to extend it however. It's 0xDC bytes long. So copy and paste away.

In other words, end the table with FF FF 00 00.
Actually, this is only for a routine-changed FR ROM, and the limiting bytes are incorrect. It's actually 00 00 77 77 that you need to put at the end of the table, seen after A-Map repoints the table.
And by routine-changed, I mean that you went into A-Map, to the world map editor, and clicked 'Change routines'.

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