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Originally Posted by moments. View Post
@Artemis: I can do that one for you, but because your text is your name / title and doesn't actually give me anything to work with, I can fashion you something that I think sort of fits, but if you want to make your request a little more specific (cartoon/real life stock, a particular colour, a theme [dark, happy]) then I'll give you the chance to do so, so you get something you will like more rather than me trying to guess at things you like.

Remember to give credit everyone!
Thanks for requesting guys! Keep bringing on these lucky dips! :D
If I may help out with this, Artemis is also considered a greek deity, or the greek god of the wilderness. You could probably me inspired by anything wild and in greek mythology if that helps.

But I should thank you for the piece you made me. It's very nice, and just as a general comment, your latest pieces have been really great.