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Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
I guess it's alright since we just had Don Battle but can we get a gym match by at least 50. I was hoping this would aloud to N Purrloin since that's the first poke we saw him with... But if this is just filler I am going to be disappointed.
When I thought of Purrloin, I too thought of N making his first appearance in the show. Which lead me to think of something ─ while unlikely ─ very interesting. Throughout the episode, we have Meowth and Oshawott infatuated with Purrloin, which is what the plot of the episode would be centered around. Near the end, however, N makes a teasing appearance and claims that Purrloin is his and then leaves not long after; giving viewers the sense that his character will be back again. It's sort of unlikely to happen, I know, but it'd be a great tease and cliffhanger on N's part in the show.

In no way would I want another "Fall in love, evolves, falls out of love" synopsis. We had that in Sinnoh League Victors already. While it was nice that time around, it would be sort of dull to do it again in my opinion.
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