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Name: Cress Storm
Age: 15
Team: Sneasel, Umbreon, Zoroark, Bisharp, Scrafty, Hydreigon
Gender: Male
Legendary: Azelf
Appearance: 5.5 feet tall, Weighs 90 pounds, Wears Black and White clothing, Black Gloves, Black Pance with white flame markings, A Long Black Coat without sleeves, Has a black dragon tattoo on the upper part of his right arm, Has Long Black Hair with spikes pointed backwards that reaches his ankles, Black Eyes, Is Physycally fit,
Personality: Is Very Silent; Can be angered when someone says he can't win; Awlays speaks in a calm tone; Is Mentally connected with his pokemon's souls, so he fights as them;Never backdowns from a challenge; Likes Dark areas;Will fight and destroy anyone who aims to hurt pokemon in any way; He's awlays alert and will awlays help those in need; Is usually appointed the leader in a team and does almost all of the work while the others stay back;Likes chesse and lemonade and will sometimes complete chalenges to be rewarded with some;
Other: He will follow the trainers without them noticing lurking in the trees and will only appear in important situations
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