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This is the OOC thread for The Indigo Trainers Association. All requests, SU's and OOC chat will go here. Main thread here.

Open spots:



1. I am the GM and what I say goes.
2. This is a T rated RP. Keep it that way
3. When you want to catch a Pokemon, ask in the OOC thread.
4. No god-modding or bunnying
5. Be reasonable when encountering wild Pokemon. a level 100 Charizard will not be a route 1.
6. Be active.
7. When challenging Gym Leaders, PM me and I will send you the team the Gym leader uses and let you do he battle. You will not always beat the leader.
8. Consult with me before finding rare items.
9. I will control when Legendaries will appear
10. Post good posts. I'm lenient when it comes to length, but no one or two liners.
11. When a RPer is promoted up a rank, their spot becomes open.
12. I will decide when you Pokemon level up and learn new moves.

SU Form:

Name: (Obvious)
Age: (12-16)
Gender (M or F)
Starting town: (Cherrygrove or Pallet)
Appearance: (Picture preferred)
Personality: (A paragraph about yourself)
History: (what happened before you were admitted into the organization)
Starter Pokemon: (One that has not been taken)

Current RPers:

Sherry De La Cruz (DarkAngel91)

Rank: Bronze
Pokemon Team:

Lv.7 Vulpix
Ember/Tail Whip/Flail/Roar

Key Items:

Logan Davies (Elite Killer)

Rank: Bronze
Pokemon Team:

Lv.6 Horsea
Bubble/Smokescreen/Dragon Rage

Lv.5 Metapod
Tackle/String Shot/Harden
Key Items:

Dylan Nampt (Kitred123)

Rank: Bronze
Pokemon Team:

Lv.7 Abra
Teleport/Barrier/ Knock Off

Key Items:

Tyson McLennan (Yagerbomb)

Rank: Bronze
Pokemon Team:

Lv.6 Magnemite
Metal Sound/Tackle/Magnet Rise/Thundershock

Key Items:

Seth Windrunner (Scarf Blade)

Rank: Bronze
Pokemon Team:

Lv.7 Ryhorn
Horn Attack/Tail Whip/Curse

Key Items:

Rebecca Tyrer (SelenaStar)

Rank: Bronze
Pokemon Team:

Lv.7 Hoppip
Splash/Synthesis/Confusion/Tail Whip

Key Items:

Gym Locations:


1.Violet City-Falkner-Flying Type

2.Goldenrod City-Baron-Steel Type

3.Azalea Town-Bugsy-Bug Type

4.Ecruteak City-Owen-Dark Type

5.Olivine City-Antonio-Water Type

6.Cianwood City-Chuck-Fighting Type

7.Lake of Rage-Florence-Grass Type

8.Blackthorn City-Clair-Dragon Type


1.Pewter City-Brock-Rock Type

2.Viridian City- Jarret-Normal Type

3.Cerulean City-Misty-Water Type

4.Saffron City-Lt.Surge-Electric Type

5.Celadon City-Erika-Grass Type

6.Fuschia City-Janine-Poison Type

7.Lavender Town-Lucian-Ghost Type

8.Vermillion City-Theoren-Various Types

Pokemon X Team:

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