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Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
Out of all your new work, I'd say these catch my attention the most, just the feel and look of them makes them stand out from the rest. The Padfoot one, even tho you say you didn't do much (And I haven't seen the stock before so I can't say how much adjustment you did) it still looks pretty impressive, it goes together nicely. The David one looks great. I can't really put what I feel of it in words (Since I'm bad at art terms and such) but I have to say it looks equally as impressive.

Anyways, keep up the good work!
Thanks and thanks I guess! :D
I'd show you the original for the Padfoot stock, but I don't have it online anywhere, and unless you really wanted to see it, I can't really be bothered uploading a copy of it.

Quote originally posted by Kiyoshi the Polar Bear:

Your graphics are absolutely beautiful, and I am truly blown back.

The only criticism I have is the text seems to awkwardly placed in some of works and they sort of take away from the image itself- but then again, I'm not partial to adding text to a picturemy self so I can shut my mouth.
Don't stop what you're doing.
I don't really know what to say besides, thank you! And that I'm really nothing special, I've been doing this for quite a while and it's all just practise and experience. But thanks so much!

As for the text, understood, text is definitely a tricky aspect of making tags, but also because I can appreciate that I tastes and things are radically different in everybody, so you don't need to "shut your mouth."
But yeah, thanks a lot!

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