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OCC: Please ignore the suckishness of this post. It's 4:04 AM where I live right now.

"Well...this isn't good in the slightest." Tyrant thought, walking into a now abandoned Route 9 in Unova. Normally, bikers would be around, and the Shopping Mall 9 would be lively, but it was as quiet as a graveyard. "I know this may go against everything I stand for, but I should retrieve some things from the shopping mall. No...I won't do it. Stealing isn't cool. I might as well just proceed onward." Tyrant added, moving on to Opelucid City. Just like in Route 9, Opelucid City was a ghost town as well. Tyrant said nothing as he walked around the now abandoned city.

"Wait. Something is nearby." Tyrant thought, standing there with his eyes closed. "Who's there?" Tyrant called, looking around. "Well...I guess the legendaries have already found me. Great. Just great. Being killed isn't cool. But I won't die just standing here! I need to take action!" Tyrant said, dashing into a house, and finding a sword on the floor. Tyrant ran back outside, and looked around. "Come out, legendary! I know you're here to kill me! Show yourself!" Tyrant shouted, waiting for the legendary to come out.

"You don't need to be so defensive. I'm on your side, human." a voice responded as a pokemon came out of the shadows. "Just who the hell are you?" Tyrant asked, stepping back a few steps, but keeping the sword ready. "I am Uxie, the Knowledge Pokemon. I have been looking for you." the pokemon answered as a slightly deep voice entered Tyrant's mind. Tyrant dropped his sword, and approached Uxie. "I am one of the Legendary Rebels. Me, and five other legendaries are against what the evil legendaries are doing to the humans. We want to save the humans. that the important matters are taken care of...will you assist us?" Uxie explained. Tyrant replied with a simple nod. "Good. will be a long adventure, so you'll need to get some supplies. When you're ready, meet me at the Turbline Bridge." Uxie said before flying off.

"Great...damn Uxie left me to get my own supplies. This won't turn out well." Tyrant thought, finding a backpack in one of the houses. Tyrant took the sword with him, and he gathered a few supplies from around the city. Other than the sword, Tyrant packed up a notebook that he'll use to record things as a daily logbook, a few pens, some white paper, two bottles of water, a few fruits, and a bag of cereal. After putting the supplies into his backpack, Tyrant headed to the Shopping Mall 9 to get some more supplies such as a few Soda Pops, five Lemonades, seven Fresh Waters, about five Full Heals, one Full Restore, and a Max Potion. Tyrant left the mall, and headed out to meet with Uxie. "I still need to pick up a few things from my house in Nimbasa." Tyrant said to Uxie. "Before that...I have a gift for you." Uxie said as the jewel on it's forehead started to glow. Tyrant started to glow yellow for a few moments before the jewel on Uxie's forehead stopped glowing, along with Tyrant. " are able to use my psychic powers." Uxie said with a straight face.

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