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Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green:

Blastoise Lv 95 - [Moves]Hydro Cannon, Brick Break, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump
Sandslash Lv 97 - [Moves]Earthquake,Substitute,Focus Punch,Aerial Ace
Primeape Lv 94 - [Moves]Cross Chop, Dig, Mega Kick, Hyper Beam
Aerodactyl Lv 96 - [Moves]Fly, Ancient Power,Fire Blast, Steel Wing
Dragonite Lv 92 - [Moves]Outrage, Surf, Blizzard, Thunder
Gengar Lv 93 - [Moves]Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Giga Drain

Their nicknames are in the order shown above: KingKoopa;Zlaysher;CocconutFist;NGMC 91;Nytronite;Gangoid
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