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Mimicking the Brush Palette feature in SCMDraft2 (a fan-made StarCraft 1 map editor) would be pretty awesome. It would considerably speed up the placement of multi-tile structures (i.e. trees), among other things. I don't think there's a lot of overlap between the Pokemon GBA ROM hacking community and the near-dead mapping community of a decade-plus-old game, so I'll elaborate:

With the Brush Palette feature, any formation of terrain tiles (not just rectangles) can be selected and saved as a brush, to be invoked later at any time. Brushes can be saved in brush palette files, and reloaded when using the editor later. This means that complex or tricky arrangements of tiles/blocks can be saved for reuse without a mapper having to rebuild them from scratch every time they wish to use them.

Here's an image of the brush palette feature being used to place a custom-made Dirt-to-Dirt cliff. The faded-blue tiles show where it will "land" when you click.

Very convenient. Very user-friendly. Something like that in a Pokemon GBA map editor would be absolutely wonderful.