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Game: Pokémon Emerald (from coolrom)
Player's name: xeon (boy)
Playing time : 1:49 (does the time really matter if not have any time)
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Location: Petalburg
mudkip with dig and water pulse
treecko(make this starter so may has torchic)
chamander (female if possible)
pichu (volt tackle but if ut hard to do you dont have to)
Pokémon in box: suskit meditie roselia zangoose and lunatoon
and the jhoto starters and bulbasaur and squrtle please
(to have a chance to do the dex and the starters for fun
if you dont want to do the starters you dant have to)
Additional information I have Pokédex acquired battled with May Wally already catched Ralts.

EDIT: pokemon in team all level 13 and pichu holding a soothe bell
and pokemon in box can be any level also include latios and latias in the box please (again) thanks

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