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"Whaaat? I didn't know you disliked it that much." My arm, nor my body moved as he felt her weight push against it. I laughed for a few seconds after she moved, but stopped when she returned.

"Yeah, I'm an outcast I guess, but I kinda like it that way. I like to sometimes think on the bright side. See, as an outcast, nobody really talks to me, or try's to lecture me at all. Also, I can make all the trouble I want, and since I have certain home, those fools never know where to find me. Also, as you can see, or rather feel, you get really strong, well you kinda have too, because you must be able to fend for yourself, and if strength fails, well, I can always burn the little buggers."

Slight surprise showed on my face as I felt her arm wrap around my shoulder and was drawn slightly closer. "I'll still be your friend! Even if you're old and wrinkly!" She said before grinning at me, and then making some kind of remark about stealing an old persons dentures. I allowed a small genuine smile to form on his lips; a friend huh? She had broken the contact rule... again, but I decided to permit it.

"You and Bern not on the same page? That's kinda weird, but I guess appearances can be deceiving, I got proof of that with you and those demons down there." As she went on to look for gray hair and split ends, I glanced down at the training grounds, and felt an idea hatch in my mind. "Do you fight well, Mammon?"
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