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Hello, I am Underground_Zephyr. I will be doing a Let's play for NASCAR 2011 The Game. I will be playing a full sprint cup season as Kyle Busch. If you like this review, I will be posting when I can. Let's start:

First race: Daytona 500!

For the first race of the Let's play, I will start at the beginning of the season. First race, the Daytona 500.

I raced 15 laps for this race, using Kyle Busch's No.18 M&M's Toyota Camry. I started the race 43rd, and ended up 9th. I was sharing the lead most of the race with Carl Edwards, until he bumped into me and threw me off the track, losing a lot of time. I was able to climb my way back into the top 10, but I couldn't reclaim first at Daytona.

The Race Results (Top 10)

1. Carl Edwards-No.99
2. Jeff Gordon-No.24
3. Tony Stewart-No.14
4. Brad Keselowski-No.02
5. Kevin Harvick-No.29
6. Dale Earnhardt Jr.-No.88
7. Kasey Kahne-No.04
8. Kurt Busch-No.22
9. Kyle Busch-No.18
10. Jimmie Johnson-No.48