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As I am sure my name is of no significance to many of you, its about time that I have made the decision to leave this forum for various reasons. I am kind of surprised that I managed to stay here for over 5 years and though, I didn't post much in the last few years except for 2006-2008. I kept coming back because of my friends here. However, as time passed by, I started to see shift in the atmosphere. Many of my closest friends left, some didn't bother to talk and some became distant. Despite of that, I just moved on and carried out my activity here. To be honest, I liked how PC was used to be back when I first joined. I enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the interactions between members. I liked how friendly the community was back in those days. Now it just doesn't feel like that anymore, no offense to PC. I feel really intimidated to talk to members especially the staff because of the fear of being ignored. Besides, I've met great people over the last year that I will be ever grateful for and I really appreciate their company.

Apart from that, my school is going to start pretty soon and I will be sophomore this year. I've a lot of expectations this time. I still have the chance to pull my grades up. For that, I've to minimize my time on the internet since my parents whine at me for wasting my precious time and not doing anything useful. I guess they are right. I should start focusing more on studies and do productive things because I have this whole future ahead of me. Before I end this whole rant, I would like to say that this community is special to me. It has changed and shaped me in more than one ways and it will never be forgotten. I am really glad to have developed friendships here that includes almost all of them who are in my friend list. I will miss each of them especially the closest ones: Fireheart, ~kawaii~, Piplup_trainer, Galuksy, WonderGirl, Twilight Sky, Hassan_Abdillah, Fire Star, o3o and many others (Sorry if I've missed out anyone). I am not sure if I should come back here or not but I will at least try to stay in touch with my loved ones. Also, a big thanks goes to the Moderators and Admins for all the hard work they've put into the forums to help make it a better place and to the people who have been a good friend to me. I want to apologize if I ever caused any trouble in this forum. I know I was a spam bot in the past. >> Anyway, my time here is overdue and I bid you all farewell, for now.