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Quote originally posted by KurcioDurcio:
Metapod, I think you should try and get a hold on a version of the game where the five star breeding center fades black, you could use mine if you want.
Why would the version I uploaded be any different than the version I'd download?

Quote originally posted by zumba:
i have a couple questions. are we suppose to purposly loze the battle exam since ash lost in the anime. and how are we suppose to show the bakery guy a primape if we dnt have one because ash dnt have a primape anymore.
No, you don't have to fail the exam - it doesn't matter. The restaurant guy asks for random Kanto Pokemon and gives you random berries, and you can capture Mankey on Route 1.

Quote originally posted by aperso:
No because Gary never battled Ash in Kanto or the Orange islands.
The last anime event will be a one-on-one match with Gary's Eevee.

Quote originally posted by topgunitsme:
how do i reach viridian city for the 8th badge??? can sum1 pls help me
Go back through Mt. Moon from Cerulean using the raft, around Viridian Forest by cutting down the trees, and back to Viridian City.
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