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Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
Anyone wanna rate or review mine? I built a custom tileset using custom palettes and (mostly) built-in tiles, and I don't know if it's very good. (It's not done yet, so please excuse the green door, the tile error near the bottom-center where a cave exit will be, and the expanse of empty flooring to the right.)
Rating: 7/10

Reason: I don't think that the golden statues and staircases match the colour of the cave which causes them to stand out a bit much. Also, the statues aren't placed in a very good way and are a bit too close together, and as a result they look like they were just placed without thought. Finally, the area with the hole in the middle of the map (which will probably be some kind of event?) is almost a dead straight path from the entrance, which makes the edges of the map a bit pointless. Apart from these reasons, it is a great cave and has a well designed layout and tileset

Suggestions: Place the statues in a more organised way (such as having two on either side of where the player will walk down), spread these statues out, maybe redesign the statues to have a more stoney look to match the rest of the map, and move the entrance to make a more challenging map.

And here's my map:

Map Name: Lexdew Town

Map Game: Fire Red

Comments: The starter town for my new hack. Credits to Full Metal for the Rom Base

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