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Originally Posted by moments. View Post
@Charizard★: Here we go! Quite please with yours! If you like the look of it with text, but can think of other words you want in there, let me know, easy to change!

Somehow I knew you were going to use this stock photo of him XD

It looks really nice! :D
Can I also get another two text versions? One with the text Choi Seung-hyun, the other T.O.P and one with V.I.P? (Sorry for so many, but I'll be switching them, and I want to see how they'll look) Thanks! :D And is it okay if I resized the avy to 100x100? I think it'll look better that way. :0
My melted heart remains
As I painfully cover my permanent wounds
Somewhere in the city that flies by
Your siren wails endlessly
Open up

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