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Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
Because the sprites are player placed, there's a technical limit on how many "dynamic" sprite locations can be saved. Even if you were to expand it for your rom, there's no telling what mixing records with an unhacked game would do in terms of placing the extra decorations in your base that appears in their game.
I agree. I don't plan on mixing records with an unhacked game. I only play the game with my friends on an emulator. We usually play it on the same screen, all the games going at once. Everyone's rom would be updated accordingly.

So if there's a way to expand the base item limit and it was like that in every single rom, then I imagine the records would be able to function properly.

If not, then is there a good way to edit the map? I've heard of issues of not being able to leave a secret base after adding things to it through a map editor.
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