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-I stood up, dusting off the back of my jacket with one hand and stretching slightly. The tiny flame in my hand seemed to melt into it, and dissappeared under the skin. I sent her a questioning look, slightly confused. I didn't think she would have allowed it that easily, but what the hell, if it gave me a better chance of surviving, I was okay with it. Walking over to her, I stretched once more before lowering my eyelids lazily and placing my usual frown back on my face.-

"Okay... well where is this... place of yours? Also, thanks for agreeing to teach me..." As I saw the butterfly, I tilted my head to one side. Usually, when I was around my element, I had an annoying habit of absorbing it without thinking about it at all. Fire was a source of food or energy for me, seeing as my element was fire, so absorbing it was like eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on its size.

I wasn't absorbing this fire, so I guessed it wasn't even fire to begin with. He'd find out later on.
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