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Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
I don't know anyone who would un-shinify a Pokemon but that's still a nice option. Will the list of Pokemon who can be shinified be expanded, or will it stay starter-only?
I donno,the shiny colouring might get dull after a while, would be annoying if it were permenent (since you can't really catch more of one type of pokemon)

Yeah, the list of shinies wil be expanded, eventually it'll have all pokemon, but right now it's starters- ill post more if/once ive added more.

Originally Posted by Tigerdog1 View Post
Is experience suppose to be shared equally between both A team and B team? While battling with my with my A team, I noticed that my pokemon in B team were leveling up as well.

By the way, I love your game! Pokemon games should be more like Super Eevee Edition!
Thanks, yeah, due to popular demand(ie.complaints) the second team does get EXP aswell

Originally Posted by granturismo4ad View Post
Observation: The routes south of Portus City, west of Imbibo Lake, and west of Ventus City appear on the region map but are blocked off as of version 0.603

May I suggest that the limit-break system be modified to 1.5x all stats OR doubling just the speed stat?
Eeveeon at 25% health is a bit too strong.
The map is the complete one, but I haven't actually mapped out all of the region, thus it's unaccessible, I'll be adding a text tag saying "under construction" to areas where it's not.

You're right about the limit system, it is a bit overpowered. now it only doubles speed, gives 5% PP regen aswell.

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
I've been thinking about the difficulty level. It could be just me, but I think it's too easy. The only time I ever lost was when I challenged the Body and Soul guy as soon as I could just to see how strong he was. But other than that, I never lost once. When I started a New Game +, I saved before every AI boss. I wanted to see how long it would take for XDR to defeat me. Over 10 minutes. Anyone else notice this?
Yeah, the game is quite easy right now, I'm gonna be doing mass balance changes in one of the later updates (v0.9 probably) It's easier setting the final boss difficulty and working backwards.

Originally Posted by Zephyr Gale View Post
Picked up the game a good 2-3 hours ago and just now taking a break. Quite an interesting game you have going. Support.
Thanks :D; it is something different.

I'm starting work on the dungeon zone (6th plate of the rainbow tower). I think i was talking about hiring pokemon tactic, I might make it overworld action style, like the mystery dungeon series. It'll be quite fast too.
Battle Zone will be next. Race zone won't make it till v0.8 or 9

Just realised Game Development has no mods anymore :O
Version 0.753 is out
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