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Chapter 3 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

"H-hello," I squeaked. Where were Pewita and Kaito when I needed them? I should have stayed in my room... Now I had to sit down and eat supper with Shizuka! I mean, I had nothing against him because... Well, he was my ally, right? Then again, I wasn't much help. I was just a frail girl, while he was... Mysterious, silent, strong... I was mostly with him, because I had no choice. Had I even seen him smile? Probably not. He was kinda scary for an angel... It was nervous-making enough already, and then I had to go and kiss his cheek! He was an ally who could kick my butt with his wings tied behind his back! Why the heck did I kiss him?! Was he going to think that I was trying to seduce him? Was he going to call off the alliance once he got the information he wanted? I was scared.

I took slow, delibrate steps forward in an effort to appear unfazed. Two words; not working. I was beginning to miss my dresses. Atleast they would cover up the knocking of my knees! He could totally tell that I was nervous just by a glance! To recover, I wandered around. Looking at the artworks and bouquet designs, I erased my unease long enough to sit in the seat opposite from him. What was going through his head? Was he laughing at how pathetic I was? Or ticked off that I was playing dumb about what happened? What if he was mad? I ceased with the fiddling of my utensils the second I realized I was shaking them like maracas, He gave me a look which asked; "What's wrong with you?" A good or bad question? I couldn't tell. Suddenly I got a ping. A thought which contradicted the rest. Was he worried about me? I inhaled deeply, and spoke my mind.

"I-i'm nervous because I think I made you mad!"
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
"The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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