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Originally Posted by Hacks0rus View Post
Ok. this is the script i put in:

#dynamic 0x71A584
#org @start
msgbox @1 0x6

#org @1
= Hi.\nMy name is Richard.

after compiling and choosing the offset next to @start, this is what it comes up with:

#org 0x71A584
msgbox 0x871A58F '"Hi.\nMy name is Richard."

' Strings
#org 0x71A58F
= Hi.\nMy name is Richard.

in game the player appears and turns to look but no message box appears.
That. My friend. Is curious... All I can think of is this:

#dynamic 0xwhateva finds the closest free space to that offset. Most people use #dynamic 0x800000 because the space before that should be left untouched because it isn't free. The actual space that shouldn't be touched is just about below 0x720000 So you could use that as well. But you're below that number, which means that maybe you messed something up? Try using #dynamic 0x800000 or #dynamic 0x720000 and recompile. If that doesn't work, then I guess there's something wrong with your ROM...

Thank you The Blueprint !!!