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Quote originally posted by Fireworks:

...Kinda. Just a few things I changed, such as the mountains and one of the font colours. I also slightly remapped the first route (had to, different tree style from before lol).

Also...I am not going to reveal the starters. At all. You'll have to wait for the first beta to find out what they are
However,like I said, they are indeed actual starters from an official game.

I really like the looks of this game. I cant believe I havent posted here before. I love the way the trees look, well the tiles in general. The overworlds also blend very nicely with the enviroment. I think I know the starters too. With that hint you gave? I also think you shouold add those fakemon, as long as they look good!
I laugh looking at this.

But sometimes I want to come back to it...

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