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I'd think there'd be a completed Firered save, but I tried searching the forum and couldn't find one. Anyways, I just need a Firered save with all badges. I need one for quick testing purposes. I would like it if it is saved in Pallet Town with Pokemon with all HMs learned already in the party, but if not, I can do that myself. I don't think I need an official form for something this simple, but why risk it?

Game: FireRed
Badges: 8
Location: Pallet Town
Team: Pokemon with Hms learned
Name: Not important, but if you insist:
Player: Tester
Rival: Douche (don't mean to be obscene, but that's an epic VG Cats reference)

If a save like this has already been posted, please tell me which page. I couldn't find one, so I'm assuming there isn't one. Thank you.
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