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"Well, I'm strong!" Kerin added in his defence. Bernkastel didn't sound extremely impressed with his 15 seconds to say what he could do, but who could blame her. Kerin didn't lie though. He had broken several bones in the human district. Several dozen probably. Bah, whatever.

"Oh! Oh! I dun know much magic or hand fighting, but! Uuu! I can see the future!" Marisa piped up. Kerin slowly moved his eyes down to the bouncing girl in his lap. Wait, what? "It's true! It's true! Hey hey! Kerin-sama, remember at that building when I said that the games were going to be different? Or when I was telling Amelia to get out of the way even before Natruo blinked an eye? Hau au..."

"Yeah..." He said slowly. Well, he kind of remembered. But, wait, he thought that was just her saying something. He blinked a few times. Well, it surprised him that he didn't seem too surprised. Probably because too much had happened today in too less of time. "Wait, does that mean you can see what's going to happen? How far can you see?" He furrowed his brow. "Can you see everything? Even... who, uh..." he didn't bother finishing the sentence. Asking a small girl about death was just a little too much.
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