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Rain. That was the first thing that greeted Ryuu as he came out of the helicopter as it landed. But Ryuu didn't mind the rain. It was like a cleansing for him. He enjoyed it as it drizzled all over his body, causing him to be soaked quickly. He brushed passed those with an umbrella as if he weren't there. He didn't need one. He didn't care. He was in his own little trance now, his bloodlust often making him oblivious to other things around him, only the battlefield was pictured in his mind. It was a rather unusual trait, but also a very useful one. By shutting off the rest of the world, he could focus on the things that really matter.

Well, matter to him. As such, the rest of the journey he made from the inside of the plain building to his room was as if it never happened. At least, Ryuu couldn't remember how he got there. All he could remember is how he stared down a few faces, but the looks he gave were blank. Full of emotion from looking at them, but in reality, blank.

Ryuu was in his room. He observed it, again, blankly. To him, it looked like shadows of black and white. All he could truly see was what was important. But he knew he shouldn't get agitated like this so far away from the actual fight. He calmed himself, and finally looked around his room with his plain normal eyes.

"Could use a demon's touch." He said to himself, outloud. Immediately, he began grabbing object and hurling them across the room, breaking them. He hated it when things seemed to organized. He would rather jump into chaos than planning. In the midst of it all, things just appeared much more clearer to him. That's the way he always was. He felt that when things were calm, something was wrong, or out of place. That's why he knew only in fights, only on the battlefield is where, for Ryuu, things are truly calm.

And this "rearrangement" of his room? Think of it as the "calm" before the storm. Natruo was the storm. A very big storm.

Big he may be, but Ryuu was fast, and when he gets his adrenaline truly pumping, he can get an even higher sense of things. That's what Ryuu would use to his advantage.

Besides, there was something terribly wrong with the others in this Reaping, in Ryuu's opinion. Some of them seem to forget exactly what they were doing here. Ryuu want to remind him. But that would have to come after his fight with Natruo.

Ryuu began tapping his foot impatiently. He could feel his blood boiling. He remembered something, and took out the capsule Marisa had given him. He examined it, but it made things worse, as he knew not what to do with it.

Damn it. He thought to himself, getting impatient. His bloodlust was getting the better of him. He wanted to fight, now. He decided to wait at the designated area for Natruo. Ryuu swiftly got up and proceeded towards the door. He was in a certain mode he often referred to as his "Rage" Mode. It was something he developed earlier, when too much adrenaline had rush up to his brain. Many of normal thoughts were abandoned or temporarily discarded, and in its place were thoughts only of fighting, and strategies that come with fighting, including having extra time in his head and actions to think of possible attack patterns, or moves he could perform. So it came to no surprise, whilst in this form, what happened next.

Ryuu approached the door, and without stopping to open it, rammed his body right through it, crashing it to the ground. In this "Rage" Mode, it seemed, Ryuu had forgotten how to open a door.

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