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The ice beam struck the dragon rage and the draconian flames just sort of died out. Charmeleon threw up her arms in a last ditch effort to protect herself as she was hit by a torrent of water and a beam of ice. When the attack cleared, Charmeleon was down.

Valorie frowned, returning Charmeleon. She had been too weak from previous battles to stand up to the attacks. Meanwhile, Ryan leaped over what was the real Dratini. After all. Why would Dratini create a clone just to leave it behind? She had been trying to harass Blu to get him to mess up by having her clone chase him. Meanwhile, she winced as she was shocked. It didn't seem to have a whole lot of effect, though. In retaliation, she promptly launched a thunderwave at Ryan as he soared past, the hyper accurate attack was her immediate reaction to being attacked whilst using Double Team due to training. Valorie hoped that could slow the speed demon mouse down a bit.

"That's right Dratini! Don't let them get away with that!"

Meanwhile, Trapinch was still nowhere to be seen.
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