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No, no Kerin wouldn't let her be chained to a stupid, psychotic moron like that. What kind of idiot would do that to a poor girl like Marisa? He shook his head a little. Bernkastel seemed... optimistic? Why, there was no reason to be. But what if Marisa's vision was true? Kerin bit his lip and furrowed his brow again, trying to figure this out. He sighed and closed his eyes as Marisa squeezed tightly against him. So, if Marisa really could see into the future, did that mean she could see her own death? Could she see any problem that was close to come?

"Can the future change? We can change it, right? If we burn down the clock tower or... or, uh, if we were to get rid of Ryuu, would that change it?" He really had no idea what he was saying. He breathed. No, Kerin, you have to be strong. This was not about you and why you aren't there, this was about Marisa.

Kerin's eyes flickered to Bernkastel's as she said his name. He could see into her eyes. There was truth in there, mixed with some other emotions. Like regret or something, he didn't know. But, Marisa trusted Bernkastel. And Kerin trusted Marisa. So, ergo...

"Yeah," he breathed. "I trust you."
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