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Originally Posted by RedFan View Post
Well besides the tile errors it's a cool map, but, i dislike the surface combination, the green is in the middle not on the left or right side.But as i said it's cool
Rating: 7/10

Now for my map
Name:asdf map
Rom Firered, Neti's Romabse
Credits:Neti and ofc Lu-Ho
Comments It's a bit empty guys.And WARNING A LARGE MAP IN THE SPOILER

Pfewww, that's a pretty amazing map you have there. Nicely planned out, and wonderful to go through But since you already know it's a great map, lets get nitpicky Part of the following is going to be criticism on your mapping style, sorry about that, it isn't meant to be insulting

First of all, I'd like to mention that you have sporadic grass syndrome. Your wild grass... is everywhere. Now again, this might be your style, or part of this area, maybe it's a really rugged area. But I don't know about that and what I do know is, I dunno if it's such a great map to play through. You don't have stages of wild grass, you have a continues wave of grass all the way to the small town, and even in town (3.), that hateful substance is there to bother you Maybe you should cut down on the amount of grass? And organise it a bit?

Also, I guess you could use wild grass as a decoration, like you did at 1. But I dunno...

At 2. you have a lake, with two really great sides that look really natural, and 2 sides that are extremely straight and unnatural, you might want to change those, with the suggestion above (previous post).

At 4. (there's two of them), you have patches of grass, which is great, but, they're at the side, and the player will most probably never walk through them. Grass is there to protect something, the path to somewhere, an item, ect. if you place it to the side, well it's not protecting anything, it's just... there.

Here's the image for references:

All in all, I'm being really horrible, and actually your style fits in perfectly and looks great. The playability is well, less, but still not horrible or bad at all. Just do know that the rugged snow mountain grass area, kind of conflicts with the straight path, straight trees town area, but seeing as you have a nice transition around 3. I guess this is irrelevant.

So, to basically conclude this. You can disregard a lot of the previous comments I made (except about the straight lake thing 2.), seeing as you have one amazing map here

Rating: 9.5/10

Thank you The Blueprint !!!
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