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You needed more comments and love, so HERE I AM. <3

Anyway, I'll pick out a few pieces of your work and comments about them. I don't know if I'll be giving a ton of CnC, but I'll try if I see anything that bugs me. I might not be very clear, but I'll try my best. XD
^ I had to look at this a few times. At first, I didn't really like it, but after looking at it closely, I do think this is one of my favorite tags from you. =] So, did you use like hair texture or something around the render? Either way, whatever you did was really cool, and interesting in my eyes.
I love this a lot, too. The only thing that was bothering me was the bright, red color on the face. I actually really wish I could suggest something about that, but I got nothing. >..>;;; I thought it had something to do with the contrast in that area of the head/face, but I think I was wrong. Anyway, overall I just love it. The red part will still bug me, but it still looks great. The flow, the blending, I just love it. =]
Ahh, so pretty. <3 I love the colors, and you can see a better focal point (except, I think the tree icon has a better focal point than the other icon).

Yeah, see not a lot of CnC, but I'm tried. Plus, honestly, I just really love your work, and you needed some comments. I SHALL WORK ON MY CNC AND GRAPHICS BECAUSE YOU'VE GOTTEN AMAZING. =]
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