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Hm... I was actually thinking of a creative name for a map editor. "Dimensirome Map" (pronounced "Deh-men-she-roam Map") was what I came up with when I woke up one morning and was having a think about a map editor, it's a combination of the words 'Dimension' and 'Monochrome' I was originally intending to use it for my project, but since I lack the knowledge of the commands in Visual Studio, I'm unable to create any tool. So I've actually PM'd Link giving the URL knizz's source code for the map viewer, it should probably help with creating the 3D interface, after all... the map viewer source code URL is available in this thread. The source code has been untouched for quite a while. Combining this with Link's map editor... will make this into the very first true map editor for the 4th and 5th generations. Also Link, feel free to use my creative name for your map editor.
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