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Selene grimaced as Dratini countered Ryan's quick attack - tired out by his involvement in the first battle the Thunder Wave engulfed him, slowing him down even further...sel's heart wrenched as she heard an anguished 'chu!' as Ryans face contorted in irritation - he hated being slowed down. But his special attacks were still something of wonder...looked like they'd be limited to those now. Ryan ran, significantly slower but still at a decent pace, around Dratini as Selene shouted "okay Ryan, use your Double Team again andthen Thunderbolt!"

Ryan's Double Team created more copies of him, who ran to disorientate Dratini although they were moving slowly so she could probably still follow the real Ryan. All 4's cheeks crackled with electricity before launching a ferocious Thunderbolt right at Dratini although given Dratini's resistance to Lightning attacks she wasn't overestimating the damage it could potentially do.
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