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Valorie seemed to have second thoughts about more training - perhaps the battle had made them exert a bit too much effort...but then she asked if Sel would protect them if her pokemon fainted during training. Selene was slightly confused by Valorie needing to ask the question...surely that would be a given!

"Oh yeah, of course we will, not that I think you need worry about it," smiled Selene, patting the pokeballs on her belt. "Blu's still fighting fit. I'll feed Horsea a Cheri berry and she'll be okay, but Pansear is the one that I'm most interested in training up here...speaking of which..." she trailed off, she released the fire monkey and the water pokemon and surveyed them closely as Pansear watched her suspiciously and Horsea looked as though she wondered why she was out again. "Gordon," said Sel shortly, pointing to Pansear who wrinkled his nose "and Sharpay" she directed to Horsea who looked like she would've smiled if she had the energy. Crouching down, balancing Ryan on her lap, she fed Sharpay a Cheri Berry, watching as the Pokemon smiled up at her, chirping happily before returning her. "Yep, we're all ready now," she confirmed with Valorie, wondering where they would end was then she noticed Bri and his Pokemon, Vince and Snype looking in the same direction as Blade...Bri looked even more freaked than before...

"Umm...Bri, you okay?" she asked tentatively, looking in the same direction as him. She couldn't see anything. "Well...Val and I are thinking of going training some more...any takers?"
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