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Bri was completely ignored as all his pokemon were already out. Nova just about exploded. He began blasting the bugs with Ember, sending them scattering.
"Guys! I'll go get the pokeballs!" Bri shouted over the buzzing. He ran to the tree. Thyme followed him, shooting her Bullet Seed at the bugs. She used a new move, Growth. She was surrounded by a shiny green glow and looked a little bigger. Her attacks were better now as well! She turned and used her Vine Whip to lift Brian up into a tree and jumped up after him. Now he decides to be reckless. She turned and spotted more of them coming after them. Great. She couldn't hold them off alone. She would try, and she blasted more green seeds at the bugs that were beginning to come after them. Duster was scampering back and forth, Pounding each Spinarack she could until it stopped. Drizzle was occupied by using his Sonic Boom and Water Gun to shoot at the Beedrill that were after everyone.
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